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About Wikipedals

After spending nights & days jumping from Youtube, to Reverb, eBay, Amazon, then back to Wikipedia to learn basic notions of guitar pedals, I wished I had only one and a unique destination to do all my research without opening hundreds of tabs on my browser.

So Wikipedals was born; literally out of a compulsive, shopaholic addiction for guitar pedals and pedalbaords configurations. Combining that addiction with design and coding skills, Wikipedals saw the first light after few intense weeks of coding.
Wikipedals is essentially a not-for-profit project, and any future gains, if any, are meant to pay for servers and extra help to keep this website running smoothly.

Wikipedals is proudly coded during weekends and after dinner time, so if you notice bugs – I believe it's plenty – please help us reporting them at [email protected]