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Photo credit: cdn.shopify.com

23 Best Guitar Effects Pedals Design

A selection of the best, most iconic & extravagant design and aesthetic in modern pedals.

Created by Wikipedals

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    DR. NO
    Mother Brain Analog Delay
    Extravagant for sure, but also well designed.
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    Stone Deaf Fx
    Trashy Blonde Paracentric Distortion Filter
    Very interesting illustrations and not the usual Hammond box enclosure.
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    Flex Pro
    There is something weird and naive about the design of these pedals. That's why I like them.
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    Wholly Roller Volume / Expression Pedal
    The Comic Sans can throw you off, I know, but the interface of this Volume pedal is pretty innovative.
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    Totally Wycked Audio
    Little Dipper 02
    Totally Wycked Audio has been playing with nice enclosure design, leveraging leds and constellation themes, definitely recognizable and unique.
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    Caroline Guitar Company
    Haymaker Dynamic Drive
    Because pictograms. I have mixed feeling about the overall design approach of Caroline, and I'm not a big fan of chicken knobs, but the use of pictograms (Orange Amps, anybody?) made these pedals highly recognizable on the market.
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    Atlas III Preamp Booster
    I love the simplicity of Sapcemen's pedals, it reminds me of well designed old school devices.
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    Fuzz Factory 7
    ZVex has been pioneering the use of illustrations since their beginning. Think about all the standard design, with blocky typefaces, seen in stomboxes form the seventies and eighties. Then you can see hyw Zvex became famous – no need to mention how awesome they sound.
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    Critter & Guitari
    Terz Amplifier
    I know, it's not a pedal, it's a small portable amp, but I had to include this because I think the design is worth of the MoMa design collection. Critteri & Guitari have defined a true iconic design not only of their products but of their brand itself.
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    TS808HW Overdrive Pro Tubescreamer
    This is the shape of the very first Ibanez pedals, and I wish they kept it, skipping the Boos-and-the-eighties clones phase.
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    Free The Tone
    FT-1Y Flight Time - Digital Delay
    Because avionics.
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    Walrus Audio
    Walrus has followed the illustrated design trend always making great products. The Janus is particular example of sleek and fun design at the same time.
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    Big Sky Reverb
    Strymon is the Apple of pedals. They are sleek, sexy, just perfectly balanced in every pixel. And each pedal has such a nice job of typography, colors and perfect knobs choices.
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    RM-1A Ring Modulator
    All Maestro pedals had something very artistic inspired design; it reminds me of russian suprematism paintings.
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    Moogerfooger MF 104Z Analog Delay
    Old school knobs. Wood side panels. It's Moog, an icon.
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    Lastgasp Art Laboratories
    MNP2 Multi Noise Processor 2
    Lastgasp is one of those brands, like Death By Audio, that plays "dirty". The Noise Processor in this case is particularly great example of distopian-future meets pseudo-steam-punk device.
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    The Crayon
    JHS was often associated with mods and a lack of it's own personality. But now thanks to this super-consistent and ownable design JHS has developed this visual language so easy to understand, that they make you want to own them all as collectibles.
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    Mu-Tron Bi-Phase
    The Mu-Tron series is as iconic as Moog devices. The blue color has helped ementing the bold design and the so typical Eurostile typeface of the seventies.
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    Death By Audio
    Fuzz War
    Soviet design meets Banksy. The pedals made in Brooklyn have become an icon, and their graphic design very recognizable.
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    Hologram Electronics
    Dream Sequence Programmable Rhythm & Octave
    Imagine a old medical device in URSS hospital. Still, very interesting so far.
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    Earthquaker Devices
    Interstellar Orbiter
    Earthquaker Devices: a great looking graphic-novel-illustration style they consistently in their catalogue.
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    Old Blood Noise Endeavors
    Mondegreen Delay
    Great illustrators produce great products.
  • 23
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    Mammouth Machine
    I came across Mammouth Machine by accident and then I fell in love with their engraved cases. Simple and beautiful illustrations.
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